The mission of Vukeya Investments is to identify and manage diverse investment opportunities and through its property Portfolio, the company seeks to create a portfolio of income producing real estate assets. The mandate of this component of investment is to purchase commercial properties across South Africa in prime locations. It's is the the Company goal to create a business that provides tenants with high quality and affordable commercial spaces while providing a steady stream of operating and passive investment income. The investment goal is to provide an unleveraged cash-on-cash return between 5%- 6%.

We offer a variety of key services ranging from market research to investment income forecasts. We undertake research and analysisto inform the development and acquisition of Property assets throughout South Africa. Our advice typically covers supply and demand assessments; market potential and investment income forecasts. We determine the best use of cash according to the company's goals, and perform due diligence re- search in order to determine factors that can affect the property, its potential, and the investors associated risk and potential liability.

The current portfolio of the company comprises of:

  • Office (from single office to entire buildings);
  • Industrial buildings (factories, warehouses, storage facilities, etc.);
  • Government tenanted buildings ( council premises, police stations and medical facilities);
  • Retail properties ranging from single stores to whole shopping complexes;

The following are the main objectives for Vukeya Property Portfolio:

  • To invest in commercial properties for the purpose of holding and renting properties, generating monthly income while obtaining market value appreciation over a longer period;
  • To manage real estate investments from identifying potential properties, from evaluation, to acquisition, and to final sale or disposition;
  • To manage the portfolio of real estate assets;

Keys to Success:

The Property Economics and Market Research:

Market Feasibility Studies.

Analyze the economic, demographic and competitive factors that impact your development project.The Market Feasibility Study represents the most complete research on demographic trends and the marketing environment that determine the success of your development. Market Feasibility Studies provide our clients with the information they need to determine the likelihood of successful implementation of the project they are evaluating.

Financial Feasibility

Property level due diligence. Our real estate due diligence service is tailored to fit the specific property, including aspects like its location, history, current and anticipated use. The focus of real estate due diligence should center around the particular target property since every property is unique, but it should also include the depth and breadth necessary to examine all potential facts and issues that can affect the property, its potential, and the investors associated risk and potential liability.